"The" field

"The" field in February

"The" field in February

UPDATE:  7/4/2013 - I stopped at "The" field several days ago and found cornstalks rising to the middle of my chest, having grown a full foot in the previous 10 days.  I snapped my same low-angle picture and the image was a sea of green leaves.  At this point I simply can't get into the field - the cornstalks are too tall and dense.  


In the middle of winter I decided that it would be interesting to watch one field through the seasons, trying to capture the steps that the farmer and nature use to produce a crop of corn.  I chose this field from among the scores of others on County Road 9 mainly because there's a spot next to it where I can park the car.   

"The" field has a slight contour to it.  The soil isn't as dark and rich as other fields, and the farmer who works it plowed and planted several days later than his neighbors.   

My vantage point (next to the parking spot) is on a high point in the field, and may not retain moisture as well as the flat, low fields near it.  We'll see.   

In any case, I hope to take photos as the field produces a crop that starts as small kernels of corn and ends as eight-foot tall stalks lifting leaves and ears of corn to the sun - all in a matter of just a few months.